About Us

We believe you can live a vibrant, healthy and happy life and leave one for generations to come.


Connecting Spirit Mind and Body for Lasting Change

When Spirit Mind and Body are aligned everything is possible.

To live a vibrant healthy and happy life we have to take action, create change, and manifest joy.


By loving ourselves compassionately with our daily practices and routines .

By awakening our inherent connection to all of creation and using that connection to live a fulfilling life.


My Story

My life has been blessed with a deep connection to the natural world through healing plant energy and cosmic connections. The power of Energy Healing with the help of my Guides and Guardians has healed old wounds and trauma both physical and spiritual. This has brought great contentment into my life.  Massage Therapy and BodyWork has given me mobility and strength to recover from injury and chronic pain. The Plant Spirits (Natures Medicine) has sustained my health and saved me from illnesses and surgeries.

I have been working with clients Energy/Spiritual healing since 2000 and Massage since 2008. I was born a healer and started my journey as a Herbalist when I was 10 years old picking wild herbs for colds and politics.   Healers can not heal you but healers can help you heal yourself by helping you address Mind-Body-Spirit imbalances.  

My deepest gratitude to my  Guides and Guardians and the Medicine Men and Women, Master Herbalists, Energy Healers, Mother Earths Wisdom and the Knowing that is part of our being.


AyotahLLC was created to help people find thier power and connection to Great Spirit. To help individuals to connect deeply to themselves and the natural worlds around them. Because the path to healing is not from point A to point B but the winding path of self discovery, awareness and the desire to live in the best way possible.  

It often happens in the most unexpected ways. Not from one point of view or the teachings of the few but where your vibration rises to meet your greatest good.  

It does not come in a neat package with a quick release pull tab on it either. It takes work, dedication, and love. 


Our Mission

Empower individuals to find their Medicine.

Help people awaken their connection to Great Spirit/Life Force through their Divine and inherent abilities. 

Teach people how to fulfill  their Mind Body and Spirit needs.

Provide Services and tools for natural and healthful living. 

All with utmost respect and responsibility for Mother Earth and all Life. 





McMinnville Oregon

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