To facilitate healing, build awarness and ingage people in their self care.

Massage Therapy

Our body and soft tissues mucsels tendons ligaments organs hold memory. When they are cared for with pressure, movement, breath and nutrition they can make new memory and heal. 

Massage is amazing!

In my Massage/BodyWork  practice, I specialize in complex musculoskeletal imbalance due to trauma or chronic repetitive strain. In bodywork sessions, my goal is to take the whole of you into that moment and help you become more aware of that connection. In this way, over time you can become more confident in the things you can do for yourself to facilitate your own healing.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing sessions are facilitated with your connection to all living things with help from your Spirit Guides and Guardians We are balancing auras, clearing out blockages, aligning your energetic field, cutting negative ties and doing this always for your greatest good.

Energy the spirit glue of our physical makeup, mental projections (manifestations), Heart-centered emotions and eternal vibrations.

Wellness Programs  and Retreats

Wellness Programs and Retreats are for individuals seeking deep healing and change in their life. These are full Mind Body Spirit Programs ware the focus is on empowering you to take charge of your health. 

Half Day and Full Day Spa Treatments

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